Over View

In Nigeria and indeed elsewhere in the world, ownership of land/properties is one of the biggest subject matters. It is one of the biggest issues for the people and government of Nigeria. Therefore in doing business in Nigeria, one of the most important issues to think about is how to secure your place of residence and business as a Nigerian or a Foreigner.

In view of this, we have created the Property Advisory Network (PAN) to serve as a one stop platform for your property needs. It is a platform where you can ask questions and get instant answers on your property needs. We have tried to provide a guide to the laws governing acquisition and ownership of land in Nigeria for both Nigerians and Foreigners. We also tried to examine some Laws regulating ownership of land/properties in Nigeria. We have provided some information on who can own land in Nigeria, how to acquire land in Nigeria (government allocations, estate ownership, individual/corporate ownership and the very contentions issue of family land).

We discussed property documentations e.g. Certificate of Ownership (C of O), Governor’s consent, deed of assignment, power of attorney, registration of title and what constitute title to land in Nigeria. Credible guides on how to secure them has been provided. We also highlighted on areas of estate / property management.

Above all the property section of Business Advisory Network (BAN) have provided a platform for persons involved in land business both Nigerians & foreigners to have access to lawyers, surveyors, estate valuers, Engineers  and all other professionals that they need to talk to in thinking about owning land/ and other properties in Nigeria.

This platform will also help a lot of property owners who are having avoidable dilemma with legalizing their land documents with the relevant authorities, for instance the issue of obtaining valid titles, and settlement of infractions with the landowners in Nigeria known in Yoruba Parlance as (OMONILE).

 Emphases has also been placed on how foreigners can procure and own land legally in Nigeria especially the provision of Governor’s written approval as provided by  the Land Use Act and the Acquisition of Land by Aliens Laws in Nigeria.

Finally, we have created a platform where you can access properties/land for sale, lease and rent. Opportunity has also been provided for you to place your request.

 Above all, we tried to emphasize to businessmen and women who intend to do business in Nigeria that in trying to procure land/property for living, investments and doing businesses in Nigeria, the first step to take is to find a lawyer who is experienced in real estate.

 In this platform we have highly experienced lawyers in real estate business in Nigeria and other climes who are available to advice, assist and take your fears and anticipated problems in the area of real estate business in Nigeria.